Fitness equipment case

Shanghai FBA into warehouse: fitness equipment to the United States Amazon FBA how to freight?

Mr. Wu is a person from sports goods enterprises, M.r wu using the Internet to find YiXing Global logistics , customer service manager Cici reception, are known to Mr. Wu before delivery to the United States fba experience, is not the first delivery is required, because the factory in jiangsu, every time delivery are all sent to shenzhen, although the price is low, but each time all have the status of the delay shipment. Recently, some sports goods need to be sent to the United States. Mr. Wu is looking for a reliable logistics company to cooperate with. 


Cici reasonably arranged the business representative Peggy to receive Mr. Wu. Peggy introduced the logistics advantages of our company to FBA in the United States in detail for Mr. Wu and suggested the transportation mode of FBA in the United States by sea.Mr. Wu thought to go first to try some goods, finally Mr. Wu expressed satisfaction, the goods are safe and reliable, efficient arrived at the destination, and no other problems occurred, Mr. Wu thought it is very appropriate, decided to choose has been cooperating with Yixing Global logistics Co.Ltd.

Now Mr. Wu chooses to go out from a few nearby Shanghai port, the price should be a few more expensive than originally from shenzhen, but from the factory delivery 1 day can enter warehouse, the week can be successful shipment, therefore Mr. Wu has been very satisfied, now continuous already went a few cabinets.

The warehouse entry rate of Amazon will certainly face the disturbance of the peak season, and queuing often happens. Here is a friendly reminder: an enterprise that keeps its promise or strives to provide timely service must cherish it.

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