Gift box

The gift box is shipped by Amazon FBA logistics from China to United States


Last week, Jerry searched amazon FBA on the Internet and found the customer service of YiXing Global logistics. YiXing Global logistics arranged Peggy, sales manager, to receive Jerry. After communicating with Jerry, Peggy learned that Jerry's company is located in Shenzhen and has its own Amazon store, which mainly sells gift box products. Jerry needs to ship a batch of gift boxes recently, about 6-9 of which will be sent to the Amazon warehouse in LA. After Jerry provided specific product information such as packing list, 

Peggy also customized the transportation plan of by sea+UPS delivery for him, and made a reasonable quotation according to the quantity of goods.

Jerry was also satisfied with the price and time limit, so he chose the American FBA shipping channel of YiXing Global logistics. After Jerry gets the goods ready, YiXing Global logistics will soon arrange door-to-door pick-up of the goods. After the goods arrive at the warehouse, the ship will set sail for transportation. In addition, the FBA shipping operation of YiXing Global logistics only requires Jerry to provide the specific cargo information and the booking of amazon warehouse receipt information, and it can be double cleared to the door without other tedious customs clearance of documents. After understanding these service processes, Jerry also felt that the operation of YiXing Global logistics was very professional and a series of processes were very simple. This cooperation was very pleasant.

YiXing Global logistics has been focusing on sino-US special line logistics transportation. In amazon FBA first process channel transportation, not only sea transportation channel is mature, but also air transportation, small bags, express and other advantageous channels. YiXing Global logistics has always believed that "honesty is the first, customer is the center, do a good job in every service, and this is also the idea that we have won the trust of many customers. If you are still looking for a reliable logistics business trouble, may wish to understand our transport channel, I believe your choice will give you unexpected surprise, consultation hotline 17322126273Peggy Manager, waiting for you to tease at any time !

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